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Jazz Monthly Mega Plus Code 12 GB Subscribe & Unsubscribe

Take advantage of 12 GB of internet space for only 399 rupees. Simply dial *117*30# to subscribe to the Jazz Monthly Mega Plus 2022 and enjoy uninterrupted surfing on your 3G/4G SIM card for a full 30 days. Find below an explanation of all there is to know about this internet bundle, including its code and its cost. Jazz Monthly Mega Plus Code 12 GB Subscribe & Unsubscribe.

Ookla has recognized Mobilink as “offering the fastest 4G internet” throughout the whole of Pakistan and bestowed this honor onto the company. Because of this, everyone who uses mobile internet acknowledges that this is the case. The rates for the various packages of broadband internet are quite low and can easily be afforded by most people. You owe it to yourself to check out Mobilink’s lightning-fast service the next time you access the internet on your mobile device.

In terms of when it may be used, this internet package is a hybrid in its composition. Between the hours of midnight and two in the morning, the user will have access to 6 GB of data. Because of the time, this deal is much more appealing. This deal has been quite popular throughout the whole of Pakistan. At the end of each month, individuals from all across Pakistan subscribe to this package in order to make their whole month seem more like an online experience.

Information Regarding Jazz Monthly Mega Plus

In the whole history of telecommunications, there has never been a package introduced that combined maximum data capacity with low cost. Therefore, make the most of every second of your whole month with the quickest internet experience possible on 3G/4G.

The following is a description of the Monthly Mega Plus Jazz Offer / Package, including its benefits, price, promotional code, and duration of validity:

  • 12GB data for 2G/3G/4G.
    6 GB between the hours of 2 AM and 2 PM
    Spend one month working.
    The cost is 399 Pakistani Rupees.
    The price of PKR 410 is required of all subscribers.
    Fastest Internet 12GB

According to Ookla, Mobilink customers benefit from the industry’s quickest download and upload speeds. Therefore, there is no other mobile network that can compete with it since it is the only one of its kind. You get access to all of the services, including the ability to download movies or music, view online videos or dramas, play games online, and more.

Because of this, this bundle is affordable in addition to being an all-inclusive data bundle for the typical uses of mobile data. Here you can find information on the Jazz Monthly Social Bundle.

Jazz *117*30# Offer

Simply enter *117*30# onto your telephone keypad to sign up for this monthly data package. The first payment for this bundle’s subscription is PKR 399; however, the user must have a total balance of PKR 410 in their account in order to purchase it.


Package Name: Mega Plus
Data: 12GB
Type: 2G/3G/4G
Timing: 6GB From
2 AM to 2 PM
Validity: 30 Days
Price: PKR 399
Recharge Required: PKR 410
SUB-Code: *117*30#
Status: *117*30*2#

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