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Jazz Monthly Call Package at 55 Rupees

Jazz has introduced a new Monthly Call Package that costs 55 Rupees and comes with 1000 Jazz Minutes and 1 GB of Facebook storage for a month’s worth of use. Yes! Mobilink has introduced for its prepaid customers the most affordable monthly phone and social networking bundle it has ever offered. Jazz Monthly Call Package at 55 Rupees.

Users who wish to make Jazz to Jazz Calls during the whole of the current month have the option to activate this bundle. According to the bundle costs, the price of this package is the lowest it has ever been since the network began offering it. On the other hand, the benefits that come with purchasing this package won’t be going through any revisions.

On search engines, people look for phrases like “Jazz launches Monthly Call Package” as well as the popular term “Jazz Monthly Call Package” or “Jazz Monthly Call Package 55 Rupees.” Jazz Monthly Call Package is a calling plan offered by Jazz. You will be taken aback to find out that the two of these keywords are identical, and that there is just one bundle available for all of these different bundles.

55 rupees per month for the Jazz Monthly Call Package

To activate this package on your prepaid SIM card, dial the number *699*4# and then type the word “subscribe” as your response. Your account will be credited with 1000 on-network minutes and 1000 megabytes of Facebook storage space when you purchase this plan, which needs a load payment of 55 rupees.

Offer Details:

  • Offer Name:55 Monthly Offer
  • FB MBs:1000
  • On-Net Mints:1000
  • Validity:30 Days
  • Price:55 Rupees
  • Code:*699*4#
  • Code:*699*4*1#

Daily Duration: 33 Minutes

Officials have said that the subscriber to this package would get 33 minutes of Jazz to Jazz programming each and every day. As a result, over a period of thirty days, these minutes will total one thousand. Because of this, the jazz package that costs 55 rupees is sometimes referred to as the monthly 1000 minutes bundle. Learn the specifics of URDU by watching our video:

1000 Facebook MBs

The following extra to this package is one thousand megabytes of social media content that will only function on Facebook. Yes! For the low, low price of 55 rupees, social media enthusiasts may have Facebook activated on their phones for the whole month. This deal is one of a kind since it combines two different offers into one convenient package. Simply clicking on this official link will take you to further information on the most recent “Jazz Day Bundle.” In the year 2022, this bundle may also be referred to as the Jazz Monthly Call Package 1000 Minutes Code.

Sub & Status

If you want to subscribe, call *699*4# and respond with “1.” On the other hand, if you want to check your bundle’s remaining minutes and MBs, dial the same number but then reply with “2” and then wait a few seconds. The current status of your bundle will be shown on the following screen.

All customers who use Jazz’s prepaid service are familiar with this offer and its pricing. Various titles, such as the Jazz 55 Rupees Offer, the Jazz 1GB Facebook & 1000 Minutes Offer, and many more, are now being used to refer to this promotion. As a result, it enables users to access the internet (Facebook) while still allowing them to maintain their connections with Jazz to Jazz numbers via the usage of 1000 mints. Read this article for more clarification.

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