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Jazz Introduces Voice Infinity Offer 115 Mins in Rs 55

The Jazz Voice Infinity Offer costs 55 rupees and provides users with 115 Jazz Minutes in addition to 250 MB of WhatsApp data for a period of six months. Simply dial *710# to activate the Jazz 6-Month Call Package and start taking advantage of unlimited WhatsApp calling for the next six months. Jazz Introduces Voice Infinity Offer 115 Mins in Rs 55.

The greatest plan since there are no additional fees, not even one rupee, for making calls. After the first deduction of 55 rupees, this Jazz Voice Infinity Offer will not charge you another cent for any calls you make. You get the ability to make an unlimited number of calls over a period of 180 days.

Activating this bundle is an option for Pakistani telecom customers who often find themselves in need of call packages with extended durations. The continuous on-network access for a period of six months is the most important aspect of this package.

Offer for Jazz Voice’s Infinity tier

Simply dialing in the code *710# will get you started with this inexpensive bundle subscription. 55 rupees is the price that the firm will charge (Incl. Tax). You will get 115 minutes of Jazz to Jazz for the price of 180 days.


Package Name: Voice Infinity
Minutes: 115 (Jazz to Jazz)
Validity: 180 Days
Price: Rs 50
Recharge Required: Rs 55
SUB-Code: *710#
Status: *710*2#
Info: *710*3#
Helpline: 111

Valid for a period of 6 months (180 days)

Our lives have been put on hold due to the lockdown. On the other hand, these people-friendly packages have made the challenges we face in life much simpler, despite the fact that the whole globe is now in a state of suspension. As a result, we have decided to release comprehensive information on this package so that everyone who is now under lockdown might find some solace in it.

250 megabytes for WhatsApp.

Along with calling minutes, the Jazz Infinity Bucket also includes 250 megabytes of data that can only be used for the social networking application WhatsApp. Yes, at the price of 55 rupees (about $0.8), you may use WhatsApp for a period of six months at a reasonable cost.

SUB & Check Codes

Users who do not want to spend the utmost amount of their income on call, internet, and SMS packages are able to activate this bundle. Voice Infinity is being offered by Jazz because, as part of this limited-time package, customers will get Jazz 2 Jazz minutes for a period of 180 days, which are ideal from every conceivable angle. Simply clicking on this link will take you to more information on the “Jazz Super Ghanta Offer.”

No Charge to Set Up the Call

After the offer has been activated, the firm will not charge any money since there are no call setup fees associated with the offer, and the company has shown that it is appreciative of its customers at a difficult period.

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