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Jazz Gujrat Haftawar Offer 10GB

  1. Only inhabitants of Gujrat city are eligible for the Jazz Gujrat Haftawar Offer,which provides 10 GB of internet, 5,000 SMS, and 50 minutes across all networks for the low price of Rs 119. To activate the Gujrat weekly bucket, dial *307# on your keypad. Jazz Gujrat Haftawar Offer 10GB.

Recently, a 7-day prepaid package that allows users of the Jazz service in Gujrat city to make unlimited on-network and off-network calls, as well as get the highest possible number of SMS messages and megabytes of data, was introduced. in order to ensure that each subscription will never miss out on an opportunity to continue to be delighted.

Because of advances in mobile technology, the whole planet has been transformed into a global community, and we hold the keys to its door. Therefore, if you too want to open the doors to this world’s technology, education, music, movies, and a great deal more, then all you need to do is activate a package on a super 4G Jazz SIM card, and you’ll always be up to date. As a result, this package is also among the finest reasons to maintain connections with people and places all over the globe.

Jazz Gujrat Haftawar Offer

The Jazz Gujrat Haftawar Offer can be purchased for 119 rupees, and for that price, customers may get a bundle that includes ten gigabytes of internet, five thousand text messages, and fifty minutes to use on any network. There is a certain window of time during which users may use the network’s assigned half MBs.

You will need to activate the package for 119 rupees and then recharge your account with a total of 119. The other portion of the balance that is still available will be necessary for terms of the taxes and fees that the government requires. Simply dialing *307# will activate this weekly package, which will allow you to experience a great deal of enjoyment.

Offer Name: Gujrat Bundle
Data: 10 GB
SMS: 5000
All Net Minutes: 50
Validity: 7 Days
Price: PKR 119
Recharge Required: PKR 120
SUB-Code: *307#
Check-Code: *307*2#

10 GB Timing

The authorities in charge of the network have stipulated a certain window of time during which users of this bundle may connect to the internet. After you subscribe, you will get 10 GB of data; however, on this internet, you will only be allowed to utilize 5 GB during the whole day and another 5 GB between the hours of 2:00 AM and 2:00 PM.

Weekly Hybrid

It would not be incorrect to refer to this plan as a hybrid bundle on a weekly basis due to the fact that it offers a variety of perks at an inexpensive price, including All-network minutes, SMS, and MBs. In addition, you may use the official network application to check on the Gujrat bundles that are still available. The URL to the official website of this bundle may be found by clicking here.

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