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Jazz Daily Mega Offer Code (1 GB)

A fantastic Internet Package with 1 GB of 3G/4G data for 24 hours is included in the Jazz Daily Mega Offer for just 31 rupees. Details and the code are provided below. Jazz Daily Mega Offer Code (1 GB).

This plan is available to all Jazz members who want to receive the most data possible for one day at a low cost. This internet plan only costs Rs. 31 and has a 24-hour validity period.

Jazz members can benefit from the fastest 4G tower speeds available throughout Pakistan for this cheap daily rate. Let’s examine the full description of this daily internet plan.

Jazz Daily Mega Offer Price

A one-day data plan with 24-hour validity is the most recent Jazz Daily Mega Offer. The fastest 1000 MBs (1GB) of the internet are included with this 3G/4G internet bundle. This internet package costs Rs 31.

There is no time limit on when you can sign up for the deal, however, it’s vital to note that the 1 GB will only be active for one day following membership.

1 Day Mega Internet Package

To activate the Jazz Daily Mega Offer, dial *117*4#. You will get 1000 MBs (1 GB) of data every day when you subscribe to this daily internet bundle. Please call *117*4*2# to check the remaining MBs and find out “how many MBs are still present in your data account.”

Offer Details

Offer Name Daily Mega
Data 1 GB
Price Rs 31
Validity 24 Hours
SUB-Code *117*4#
Check Code *117*4*2#
Type 3G/4G

Note: Data bundle expiration will be handled automatically.

Experience 4G Speed

We are all aware that Jazz travels at the nation of Pakistan’s greatest speed. The Mobilink network has an infinite number of 4G towers, making its internet speed unbeatable. If you’re not convinced, activate this bundle and give it a shot once. Visit this link to learn more about Jazz Cash Free Incentives.

Terms & Conditions
  • Internet MBs can be used on 2G/3G/4G devices.
  • Internet offer is non-recursive.
  • Over-usage of internet MBs will deduct an extra balance.
  • Click here for more details INFO & FaQs.

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