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Jazz Champion Package Sub & Unsubscribe Code

The Jazz Champion Package includes 20 free and private numbers with a set calling fee of Rs 3.30 per 60 seconds. Calling FnF numbers using the *337# code will cost you Rs 1.2 for 30 seconds. With the Jazz Champion Package, you may take advantage of inexpensive call rates both on-net and off-net. In addition, you may utilize the SMS service and data service at new, lower prices. Jazz Champion Package Sub & Unsubscribe Code.

As is well known, Jazz has never failed to provide something of more value to its customers. The network has introduced a brand new bundle that is based on a lifetime’s worth of service. By subscribing to the plan, customers of Mobilink SIM may immediately reduce the prices they pay for calls, SMS, and data while using on-net or off-network networks. Therefore, subscribe, and enjoy the benefits of reduced prices, for a whole life.

You may now obtain a set calling rate while calling both on-network and off-network phones. This was not previously available. Additionally, the network offers a flat charge for sending SMS messages and for accessing 3G/4G and LTE internet services. The Jazz Champions Package’s all-inclusive flat pricing is described in detail further down this page.

Detailed Description of the Jazz Champion Package

Simply call *337# to subscribe to the package, which will cost you PKR 17.93 (including tax) and will allow you to do conversions using both IVR and dial code. When the subscriber makes use of any of these services for the next time, he will be charged the new cost for calling, SMS, and data.

Calls made from a Jazz phone to another Jazz phone or from a Jazz phone to a Warid FnF phone would cost Rs 1.2 for every 30 seconds. On the other hand, while making calls off of the Mobilink network using your SIM card, you will be subject to the same calling charges. When you use the internet, you will be charged PKR 5 per megabyte and PKR 2.5 for each text message correspondingly. After purchasing a membership, you will have access to this bundle permanently.

Details on the Prices and Package Codes

After subscribing, the prices for calls, SMS, and data will all be lowered and locked in place for the rest of your life, as we have already explained above. Therefore, sign up for the package, and have fun with your life.

Offer Name: Champion
FnF Numbers: 20
FnF Call Rates: Rs 1.2/30Sec
Jazz to Jazz: Rs 3.30 / 60Sec
Jazz to Other Net: Rs 3.30 / 60Sec
SMS All Network: Rs 2.5 / SMS
Internet MBs: Rs 5 / MB
Validity: Lifetime
SUB-Code: *337#
UNSUB Code: Send “unsub”
to 6611

You are only allowed to add a total of 20 phone numbers to your FnF list, and each additional number will cost you Rs 1.2 for every 30 seconds. In addition to that, the Champion Package will deduct Rs.3.30 / 60Sec for Jazz Calls and Rs.3.30 / 60Sec for calls made to other network providers.

UNSUB Champion Deal on Packages

If you no longer wish to receive the Jazz Champion Package, simply text the word “unsub” to the number 6611. We are able to say that this package is an all-inclusive bundle because it includes a variety of benefits, including fixed rates for calls, SMS, and data. This is an excellent option for anyone who does not enjoy the process of subscribing to numerous different packages on a regular basis.

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