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Jazz 2-Hour Call Package Code Student Call Package

Get 120 on-net Jazz to Jazz minutes (unlimited calls for 2 hours) in addition to Facebook for just PKR 3,59. In order to activate the Jazz 2-Hour Call Package, dial *3000#. Jazz 2-Hour Call Package Code Student Call Package.

In recent times, there has been a rise in the popularity of the 2-hour Jazz 2 Jazz call package. Every Mobilink customer looks for a subscription that allows unlimited calling for two hours. Apna4G was designed with an unlimited on-net call bundle, which is why it comes standard with the service. This package also includes an infinite amount of social MBs for Facebook. Take advantage of two great deals in one with the Jazz Student bundle.

Detailed Description of the Jazz 2-Hour Call Package

This package is designed to meet the needs of customers who wish to maintain their online presence for a certain period of time at the lowest possible cost. You will be able to make calls to any Jazz number for only 4 rupees per minute for the duration of two hours (120 minutes). Isn’t there a great deal about you that you’re looking for?

Code for the Jazz 2-Hour Call Package

To activate the unlimited call package for the next 120 minutes, please dial *3000# when prompted. Full information, including the price and a status code, may be seen below:

Activation, Status, INFO Codes Details:

  • Offer Name: Student Bundle
  • Minutes:120
  • Calls: Unlimited
  • FB: Unlimited
  • Validity:2 Hours
  • Validity:120 Minutes
  • Price: PKR 3.59
  • SUB-CODE:*3000#
  • STATUS:*320*2#
  • INFO:*320*3#
  • UN-SUB:*320*4#

Unrestricted Opportunities to Interact with Others

Users who purchase this package will have unrestricted access to all of Facebook’s social features. Only PKR 4 may be used to like, comment, and share your articles and material. Today is the day to subscribe to the 2 hours Facebook & Call bundle.

Package for Jazz Calls Lasting Two Hours (Fee)

The official call setup price for this bundle of 120 minutes of voice calling is PKR 0.10 plus tax. It indicates that once you have dialed 10 calls, one rupee will be removed from your balance as the official call setup price.

The busiest hours are from 6 pm until 9 pm.

The offer will continue to be available to be declined throughout peak hours, which run from 6 AM to 9 PM. With the exception of these specific times, the deal is accessible throughout the whole day without interruption. This is the most significant issue with the package. Nevertheless, you are able to subscribe to the service and make calls to your friends, business colleagues, and members of your family while you are at work.

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