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Is Fortnite Banned in UAE How to Unban?

According to Amine Riyad’s mother, the eleven-year-old boy resides in Abu Dhabi, and whenever his access to the online world of Fortnite, a videogame that has exploded in popularity over the course of the last year, is cut off, he reverts to acting like a heroin addict. Is Fortnite Banned in UAE How to Unban?

“He gives the impression that he is going through withdrawal at the moment. He will trail after me around the home, whimpering and wanting to know what’s going on. I constantly reassure him by saying, “I don’t want to lose you,” and I make an effort to show him recordings of people who have passed away as a direct result of playing video games. According to Amine, “This works for a day or two, but then he returns to Fortnite as if nothing happened.”

Since its release in the middle of July of the previous year, the multiplayer online battle royale game Fortnite, which was created by Epic Games, has amassed 125 million players. After barely a quarter of a year, it generated more than $100 million (Dh367 million) in revenue from its recently launched iOS platform.

Concerns have been expressed, however, concerning the addictive potential of the game, particularly in light of a recent announcement made by the World Health Organization (WHO) that “gaming disorder will be included in a new handbook of sickness classifications.”

Is it Possible to Play Fortnite in the UAE?

Concerned that battle-themed video games such as Fortnite and PUBG might “negatively addict,” especially among teenagers and young people, members of Dubai’s Federal National Council have requested the United Arab Emirates to ban the sale of such games and to do so immediately.

Which countries have made it illegal to play Fortnite?

The End User License Agreement for Fortnite states that the sale of Fortnite games cannot take place in China, Iran, Iraq, Crimea, Cuba, North Korea, Syria, or any other nation or person where such sales would be illegal under US law or any other laws that may be relevant.

Which Video Game Is Prohibited in the UAE?

Roblox, My Friend Cayla, Blue Whale, Cloudpets, and Mariam are just some of the online games that have been ordered to be taken down by the Attorney General of the United Arab Emirates, Hamad Saif Al Shamsi. During an interview with KhaleejTimes, Dr. Hamad made the observation that ‘these games are harmful to the lives of players.’

Why is the video game Fortnite off-limits in the UAE?

Certain video games might have a harmful influence on children, according to the head of the crime monitoring branch of the Dubai Police Department, Lieutenant Colonel Rashid Al Falasi.

Young gamers, who have not yet developed the ability to differentiate between the real world and the world of their video games, have a tendency to act out the actions they see on their screens. As a consequence of this, Al Falasi stresses the need for parents to keep a close eye on their children and be aware of the kind of games that their kids engage in.

  • The Khaleej Times reports that parents in the United Arab Emirates have started pressing for a ban on PUBG, an online video game that has already been prohibited in various regions across the globe. In prior conversations, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has shown a firm commitment to the cause of protecting children from potentially harmful and violent video games. A number of popular online video games, including Roblox, Mariam, and Blue Whale, were declared illegal by the government in 2018.

The Telecommunications and Regulatory Authority (TRA) is now requesting that parents come out and report any video games that they feel may be detrimental to the health or safety of their children.

Due to the recent instance involving a violent teenager, the Dubai Police are reaching out to the families of youngsters who may have an addiction to video games. In addition to that, they are focusing on finding potential solutions to the issue.

Is it possible to play Fortnite in the UAE?

You won’t be able to play Fortnite on your phone if you’re in the UAE since the game is illegal there. However, if you have access to a reliable virtual private network (VPN), you will be able to play the Fortnite game on your smartphone even if you are located in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates. However, the game is automatically considered illegal in the area.

When will the UAE allow games like Fortnite to be played?

Officials in the UAE have made it very apparent that they see the game as harmful to youngsters due to the fact that playing it might lead to addiction.

Therefore, there is no official word on when players will be able to play the game without restrictions in the area. Using remote desktop protocols (RDP) or virtual private network (VPN) servers on a smartphone is the only option to play Fortnite in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates.

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