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How to Sync GoodNotes between iPad and Mac?

Using this straightforward approach, you may quickly and effortlessly synchronize GoodNotes on both your iPad and your Mac devices. How to Sync GoodNotes between iPad and Mac?.

The use of iCloud is required for document syncing with GoodNotes.

When your device is linked to the internet and you make modifications, those changes will sync to all of the other devices that are logged into the same Apple ID. This occurs automatically whenever your device is connected to the internet.

The following actions need to be taken in order to configure GoodNotes for iCloud sync:

  • Start by registering using the Apple ID you already have.
    Launch the Settings app on your iOS device, go to the Apple ID > iCloud area, and check to see that both “iCloud Drive” and “GoodNotes” are turned on.
    Launch the System Preferences application on your Mac, choose “iCloud,” and then check the box next to “iCloud Drive.”
    To activate “GoodNotes” in the list, click the Options… button that is located next to “iCloud Drive.”
    After you have launched GoodNotes, tap the symbol that looks like a gear.
    Choose “Use iCloud” from the menu that appears when you go to Library view > Settings > iCloud Settings to turn it on.
GoodNotes 5 is not syncing with the Mac app – GoodNotes Support
How to Sync GoodNotes between iPad and Mac?

Why is GoodNotes not syncing with Mac App?

If you use GoodNotes 5 on an iPad or iMac, it is possible that one of your devices could get out of sync. The synchronization options available with the Mac app are quite different from those available on iOS. It’s possible that you may notice that the Mac application is not synchronizing at some point, and the processes involved in re-enabling sync can differ.

In order to keep your data and documents synced across all of your devices, you will need to make sure that all of the conditions have been satisfied.

The most current version of GoodNotes is installed on each and every one of your devices (iPad, iPhone, Mac). For example, iCloud sync won’t work properly if the versions of GoodNotes on your iPhone and Mac are either older or newer than the ones on the other device. The most reliable method consists of opening the description page and then either clicking or touching the “Update” button if one is available.
There are occasions when the symbol representing the App Store does not display any pending updates.
When you login into all of your devices using the same iCloud ID, you’ll be logged in automatically (your Apple ID).
The box labeled “Use iCloud” is selected in GoodNotes Settings > iCloud Settings across all of your devices.
In the list that appears when you select Options… next to “iCloud Drive” in the “Apps on this Mac utilizing iCloud” section of System Preferences > Apple ID, your Mac already has “GoodNotes” and “iCloud Drive” checked. You can see this list by going to System Preferences > Apple ID.

You do not need to worry about storage space on your iCloud Drive account.

If it is still unable to sync, extract the diagnostic information from GoodNotes on your Mac and send it to the company’s support team using their contact form for further investigation: Select About > Export Diagnostic Data from the drop-down menu that appears after selecting the GoodNotes menu (the gear symbol) from the Documents tab. Restarting your Mac could be helpful in this case as well.

In order to improve the safety of customers’ most important notebooks, we recommend that they create backups of them manually using the GoodNotes app menus.

Using iCloud sync, which may be configured, users are able to synchronize their GoodNotes documents across their iPhones, iPads, and Macs. If your iPad is broken, you lose access to it, or you are unclear whether or not the data has been synced, you may quickly check the sync status on one of your other devices by logging in with the same Apple ID that was used for the iPad.

Syncing GoodNotes with iCloud: Here’s How to Do It

  • Launch the Settings app on your iOS device, whether it is an iPhone or an iPad.
    Choose your Apple ID from the list (located in the top row of the Settings list).
    Choose iCloud > Manage Storage from the menu.
    Conduct a search for GoodNotes to see whether or not your app’s data is stored there.

Even if the iCloud sync function in GoodNotes was not turned on, it is conceivable that the whole app’s data was backed up using the device’s backup. This is the case since it is possible for the device backup to store app data. To determine whether or not this is the case, activate the Device Backup feature of iCloud. Simply make sure that it is turned on by heading to the Settings menu on your iPad, selecting Apple ID, then selecting iCloud, and finally selecting iCloud Backup. After that, check to see whether your device is listed in the Backup section by clicking the “Manage Storage” > “iCloud Backups” > button.

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