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How To Move Files From Dropbox on iPhone?

iCloud Drive has proved to be an essential component in the ongoing success of Apple’s ecosystem, despite the fact that Dropbox is very popular on Windows. Despite the fact that iCloud may be used in conjunction with other services, macOS and Apple devices as a whole need it in order to function properly. How To Move Files From Dropbox on iPhone?

The first 5 gigabytes of storage space in iCloud are complimentary for all Apple users. That is on par with what Microsoft offers via its very own OneDrive service, and it is 3 GB more than what is made available by Dropbox. However, it is 10 GB less than what is made available by Google Drive.

Why Should I Use Apple’s Cloud Storage Instead of Dropbox?

The Dropbox cloud storage service is available on several platforms. It enables you to upload files, download files, share files, and integrate files with other Dropbox users as well as non-Dropbox users.

Dropbox is not the same as iCloud. iCloud not only provides online storage, but it’s also essential to everything Apple does. Every program that can be used on a Mac, iPhone, or iPad automatically backs up important data to iCloud. iCloud gives you the ability to save photographs in the cloud, synchronize them across macOS and iOS devices, access files on many devices, and display all of this information online. iCloud provides users with a 5 GB email inbox in addition to shared storage space. To use a Mac or an iPhone, you need to have an Apple ID and an email address in iCloud.

iCloud is a superior alternative to Dropbox for storing images, videos, and unusual documents. You get 3 GB of free storage space, and it connects better with your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

How to Upload Files from Dropbox to iCloud Using an iOS Device Like an iPhone or iPad

You can easily synchronize the folders on your Dropbox account with the folders on your iCloud Drive by using just the Dropbox app and the Files app, both of which are preloaded on an iOS device by default. The steps should be completed in this order.

  • You can obtain Dropbox from the App Store, and after that, you need to sign in before you can begin using it.
    You need to close out of this app and then open the Files app.
    To see the Locations, touch Browse once, and then hit it a second time.
    To make changes, choose the ellipsis button that can be found in the top right corner.
    Turn on Dropbox, then choose Done from the menu.
    Launch the Dropbox app, and you’ll have instant access to anything that’s been saved on your account.
    When you go back to the top right, select the sphere icon, and then press the Select button.
    Tap on the folders and files that you wish to upload to iCloud Drive, and you can make your selections there. You may choose all of the files and folders in the workspace at once by using the Select All option, which is located in the top left corner of the interface.
    The copy option may be chosen by touching the circle button that is located at the bottom right.
    You may construct a new folder by hitting the plus sign folder icon, or you can choose a folder from your iCloud Drive by choosing Browse once again.
    Choose “Paste” from the context menu that appears when you press and hold the button for a few seconds.

On a Mac computer, how can I move files from Dropbox to iCloud?

You may download Dropbox from the Dropbox website. Data can be moved between the two services using a simple drag-and-drop operation in the Finder application that is bundled with macOS.

  • You may download the Dropbox client by going to, which is the website for the company. If you wish to utilize Dropbox. When you click the link for the right download, the application that is designed to work with your computer’s operating system will be downloaded.
    After the Dropbox application has been successfully installed on your Mac, an icon for the service will be added to the sidebar of the Finder application.
    Simply clicking the shortcut, holding down the Command key, and then clicking the A key will transfer all of the files from your Dropbox folder to your iCloud Drive, which can also be accessed from the sidebar of the Finder.

How to Transfer Content from Dropbox to iCloud Using a Windows Computer

You may migrate your Dropbox files over to iCloud using a web browser, or you can use Apple’s iCloud for Windows program, which interacts with Dropbox. We are going to assume that you are acquainted with the cloud storage service Dropbox and that you have the Dropbox add-on for Windows File Explorer installed.

Start using iCloud by opening a new browser tab and heading to the website
You may access iCloud Drive from the docking icons on your home screen.
Create a new folder for your files in your Dropbox by selecting the folder icon that looks like a plus sign and click on it. If that isn’t the case, specify the folder where you want Dropbox to keep your files.
Now, while your browser is still running, launch File Explorer and go to your Dropbox account there.
To transfer everything you own to iCloud with just one click, just select everything with the CTRL + A keyboard shortcut.
Put the files or folders you wish to save in iCloud Drive into the browser window.

We are hopeful that you have discovered several methods that make it possible for you to simply move data from Dropbox to iCloud on your iPhone.

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