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How To MOI Qatar Id Check 2022

As part of the process of applying for a residency permit in Qatar, each foreign national is also handed a Qatari national identification card at the same time. It is essential that we check that the ID card in question is legitimate and has not been rendered useless or revoked for any reason. One has to verify a Moi Qatar ID in order to determine the status of their Qatari residency. How To MOI Qatar Id Check 2022.

It might be an important card since the police need it in order to verify the identity of an ex-pat, check their driver’s license, verify that they have an open checking account, and do other official acts. There is a regular minimum charge that must be paid in order to get an associate ID card, and occasionally the sponsoring business covers this price. To use all of the charge account credit choices as well as the e-Gate service, there is an extra price that must be paid.

How to Check Your ID at the MOI in Qatar Step by Step:

In Qatar, becoming familiar with the MOI Qatar ID Validity Check 2021 might prove to be of the utmost importance. As a result of the fact that many of your ID playing cards are associated with various services, in the event that your ID card expires in any way, and when it does expire, you are with him. You are unable to trigger every other service at the same time.

Even opening an account with any bank is out of the question for you. Your passport, which is linked to your residency, as well as your driver’s license, is tied with your ID card. As a result, doing MOI Qatar ID validity Checking is very necessary. We explain the straightforward procedure that is used for ID checks in Qatar. If you want to check the status of your ID online, just follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Go to the Ministry of Interior (MOI) Website:

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How To MOI Qatar Id Check 2022

Step 2- Click on the MOI Services:

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How To MOI Qatar Id Check 2022

Step 3- Click on the ‘Inquiries’ section:

After selecting the other inquiry option, you will see the following two choices when you click on them: extra services and description. To access the other services, choose that choice. You may find more alternatives for checking your identification, such as an application form for a smart card, other papers, an activation form for a smart card, and an inquiry on the particulars of the company’s ID. You may choose the one that best fits your needs by clicking on it.

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How To MOI Qatar Id Check 2022

Step 4- Click on the Other Inquiries:

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How To MOI Qatar Id Check 2022


Step 5- Click on the Official documents button:

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How To MOI Qatar Id Check 2022

Step 6- Enter QID Number or Passport Number:

You may enter a passport number or a QID number to check MOI Qatar ID status. Putting any one of the numbers in the required box, if you forget any of each number, you can check the ID status.

One needs to currently merely fill in the specified details and click on “Search”. Upon clicking, complete information relating to your Qatar ID is displayed. The small print mentioned will be in tabular format.

Document Type                        Date of Expiry

Date of expiry ID Card             2014-06-17

Date of expiry Passport            2014-10-22

Date of expiry Residency         2016-07-16 official documents:

On the screen that displayed Official Documents, there were two choices available: Search and Reset. In the event that one has entered incorrect information for the search, it is possible to simply click the button, and the information that you have stuffed into the boxes will be removed. At this time, you will need to input the right data and then click on search once again. You may also use the reset button to fill in the information of the other person whose ID you would want to verify. This option is available to you if you are checking someone else’s ID.

MOI Qatar conducts online ID checks:

Visit the Ministry of Interior website to use MOI Qatar’s convenient online service for conducting ID checks in a short amount of time. With the recent update to its e-services platform, the Ministry of Interior of Qatar is making it simpler for citizens and residents to check the status of their incomplete paperwork, as well as to preserve their visas and permits of residency. A dozen or so new services, including conveyance along with departments and traffic, passports, immigration, borders, and criminal evidence and intelligence, were added to the Ministry of the Interior’s redesigned website.

Portal ID:

Through the use of the electronic services provided by its site, the Ministry of the Interior of Qatar makes it simpler for residents, immigrants, and tourists to check the status of their pending paperwork. These documents include visas and residency permits.

The MOI Qatar ID check and the status of ID and visa applied applications, as well as other information, may be found on the Portal, which walks you through the procedure step by step. Your passport number and your identification number are all that are needed to verify the status of whether or not it is valid. It protects the confidentiality of your number while it searches for status.

Since the establishment of the modern State of Qatar, the leaders of Qatar have placed an inordinate amount of importance on the mission of establishing public tranquility and safety. The establishment of a police organization ensured the continued maintenance of the area’s safety and security, as well as the protection of human lives, property, and status, as well as public and private houses.

How to log in to the official website:

Official information for Qatari citizens and residents may be found on the website, which is maintained by the Qatari government. It offers a wide variety of services. By following the procedures that are provided below, you will have no trouble logging in to this website.

Step 1: Access the Portal MOI.Gov.Qa. Login web page using an internet browser. When you click on them, a new window or tab will come up with the information, which you may keep open to see the user guide.

How To MOI Qatar Id Check 2022

Step 2: Simply log in with both your login information and the other person’s. You will be granted those by making use of Portal MOI.Gov.Qa, either on signal-up or by making use of your authority of Portal MOI.Gov.Qa.

Step 3: You could see a notice that says “successfully login,” which means that you have successfully logged in to the official website. Congratulations!

App for the MOI Qatar ID check service:

Metrash2 makes it easy for anyone living in Qatar to access the Ministry of Interior’s services via their mobile devices. Through the use of a user interface that is simple to use, services such as querying about official documents, making related payments for individual or corporate departure permits, enquiring about and subsidizing traffic offenses, and other similar services may be made available to users.

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