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How To Load Zong Card Recharge Code

The issue of “How To Load Zong Card” is one that gets asked rather often. To reload your Zong card, all you have to do is scratch the back of the card and phone the number 10114 for free. How To Load Zong Card Recharge Code.

Scratch cards that may be used to recharge subscribers’ accounts are offered by each and every telecom network in Pakistan. These cards were developed specifically for those users who don’t want to give their phone numbers out to store clerks or to other people they don’t know.

Zong cards ensure that your account is always loaded with money, and they also ensure that customers never have to sacrifice their privacy by requiring them to give their phone numbers to businesses in order to fill their accounts. You may avoid any hassle by just purchasing a card and then recharging your account on your own.

How Do I Load Money Onto My Zong Card?

You may check your balance by purchasing a Zong card and then reloading it into your SIM card. The received balance may be used toward the purchase of package subscriptions for SMS, voice, and internet services.

To load money onto your Zong Card, follow these steps:

  1. Scratch Zong Card and get 14 digits code
  2. Now dial *101*All Digits of Scratched Card#
  3. USSD Code will run for a few seconds on screen.
  4. A pop-up notification will confirm card recharge.
  5. You will also receive the load card & current balance details.

Balance Inquiry

After recharging their Zong card, we strongly encourage all of our valued site users to check the amount on their card. After taking into account all of the applicable taxes, the network often provides an accurate total. On the other hand, if the user has already taken a loan or advance balance from the network, then the card recharge will unquestionably be required to pay both the card recharge tax and the loan amount at the same time.

  • Service Name: Card
  • Load: Code:*101*Card#
  • Price: PKR 0

Balance After Card Load

There are essentially four different Zong Cards that can be purchased in marketplaces. Zong has released its cards in the same sequence that PKR is going in the tournament (100, 300, 500 & 1000). These cards each have their own pricing and will reload the user’s account accordingly. After the deduction of taxes and other fees, a card worth 100 rupees, for instance, only provides 88 rupees.

  • Zong Card Price Receive Load
  • 100 Rupees Card PKR 88.88
  • 300 Rupees Card PKR 266.67
  • 500 Rupees CardPKR 444.44
  • 1000 Rupees CardPKR 888.89
Terms & Conditions
  • This service may only be used by subscribers who have already paid for it.
    You may also load your Zong Card for free by dialing the number 101.
    Users of Zong have access to the “My Zong App” for the purpose of loading the card.
    Cards from Zong are available at the pricing (100, 300, 500 & 1000).
    To purchase a scratch card, go to the franchise or retailer store that is located closest to you.
    Please visit the INFO & FaQs section of the official website for more information.

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