How to earn from snack video creator reword

There are many applications on the play store that are giving money on a special task. Some applications provide money for uploading videos. A snack application is also like an earning app that will provide money for uploading short videos. Snack is providing an option of creator rewards that will give money to you when your video will be viral on snack video creator reward.

Hello friends, if you use a snack video, you should make your videos on daily basis and upload them on creator rewards you, because the Snack application has launched a new feature, that is if you will upload videos on daily basis. If you make two to three videos based on it, the snack video will give you some money over the weekend. You can easily withdraw it anywhere.

How to download the snack app

First of all, I will tell you how to download snack videos from the play store. You will click on this link. Go to the snack application in front of you After downloading it, when it comes inside your mobile, you will first create your account on it. When you start creating your account, it will ask you which friend has invited you. Enter our code on the application If so you can copy the code from our website. If you enter this code, you will also benefit and we will also benefit. When you open your account, you will see the option there. Plus, when you click on it, it will tell you to upload your videos. When you upload videos, they will be added to your videos. You should have at least five videos. When you are five, you will be included and the snack video creator reward.

enter our snack code 965 326 257

How to withdraw from creator reward

It is very easy to withdraw money from the Creator Rewards of Snack application. If you want to withdraw your money from where then, first of all, you have to write your money that you want to withdraw so much money. If you live in Pakistan then you have to choose Easy Paisa or JazzCash option to withdraw money. After making this choice you have to transfer the money to your Easy paisa and Jazz Cash account within two or three days.

How to earn from the snack