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How To Delete Showtime Account Easily by steps

The most effective response to the question of how to easily delete a Showtime account There is a section on the website titled “Recently Watched,” which contains a list of the 20 most recent titles that you have viewed. In the event that you are forced to pause a title, you will be able to continue playing from the point at which you stopped. How To Delete Showtime Account Easily by steps.

If you have recently seen a title and want to get rid of it, you may be able to do so by hitting the “Remove” button on your smartphone. There is a possibility of differences in the quantity of recently seen titles from one device to the next.

Instructions on How to Cancel Your Showtime Account

  • You may log in to SHOWTIME by using the PC version of the software or the mobile app on your device.
    Proceed to the “Settings” menu by using the navigation bar.
    Proceed to the “My Profile” page by using the navigation bar.
  • Select the “Delete My Profile” option from the menu.

How to terminate your subscription to SHOWTIME with Spotify

If you wish to manage your Spotify Premium subscription, you may do so by visiting the website that is linked to your Spotify account. If you are interested in deactivating both your SHOWTIME account and profile, please use the ‘Need Help?’ option that can be found at the bottom of this page to get in contact with SHOWTIME’s customer service department.

Configuring Your SHOWTIME Account

Sign In. Sign in to adjust the settings on your device and access it by using this interface. After downloading the app, you will have access to every single episode of every single show that SHOWTIME has ever produced. Adresse électronique. Password.

After the first free trial, is it possible to discontinue Showtime?

After the conclusion of your first risk-free trial of Showtime, you will no longer have the option to cancel your subscription.

How can I terminate my Showtime subscription on my iPhone?

After you have started the Showtime app on your iPhone, tap the three vertical lines that are situated in the top left corner of the screen. Your subscription to Showtime may now be terminated as a result of this action. You’ll be able to choose your account and handle all of your subscription management from this page. If you cancel your membership while you have any transactions that are still being processed, those transactions will also be cancelled when you quit your membership.

The steps necessary to terminate a Showtime subscription on an iPhone

Selecting your name is as easy as using the drop-down menu at the very top of the screen. Simply click the option labelled “Subscriptions.” Choose SHOWTIME as your only option. (It is important to note that if you do not see a subscription in iTunes but you are still being charged for it, you should check to ensure that you are signed in with the appropriate Apple ID.) Make sure that the setting labelled “Automatic Renewal” is not active before attempting to cancel the membership.

App store support for customers of Showtime

Kindly fill out the following contact form, and a member of our customer care team will get in touch with you as soon as possible about your purchase from the Showtime Store. In the event that you have any questions or want assistance in connection with your purchase, you may locate it here. From Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, you may reach a representative of our customer care department.

Cancel the free trial of Showtime.

You may log in to your SHOWTIME account by visiting from any web browser, including the one on your mobile device.

You may change your account settings by going to the top right corner of the page and clicking on the symbol that looks like a profile picture.

Follow the on-screen instructions after clicking the box labelled “Cancel Your Subscription.” This will end your subscription.

How do I cancel Showtime mobile

Launch the Showtime mobile app on your device, and after signing in, your membership will be cancelled. Touch the three horizontal lines that are positioned in the top left corner of the screen to open the main menu. To discontinue your membership, go to the “My Account” page and choose the “Cancel Subscription” option. To cancel this subscription immediately, tap the option that reads “Yes, cancel this subscription.”

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