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How to Convert Etisalat Visitor Line to Wasel UAE

Etisalat in the UAE provides visitors and tourists with a number of different package options. These are known as Visitor Line bundles. For your information, the Etisalat network offers a visitor line that functions as a prepaid sim card for tourists visiting the United Arab Emirates. It makes no difference whether you are going to the UAE for the goal of doing business there, finding work there, or just going there to have fun. How to Convert Etisalat Visitor Line to Wasel UAE.

Having said that, it is essential that you get a sim card from either Etisalat or Du. If it is Etisalat, you will most certainly be given a Visitor Line prepaid SIM card in your capacity as a guest of the company. Because of this, you will instantly have sufficient internet data, call minutes, and foreign add-ons as well. In addition to this, if you are the kind of person that is interested in remaining in the UAE for a longer period of time. After that, in order to utilize your Visitor Line SIM card permanently, you will need to change it over to a Wasel SIM card.

How to Change Over to Wasel from an Etisalat Visitor Line

For your knowledge, if you have an Etisalat Visitor line, you are permitted to convert or migrate your sim card to any Wasel prepaid, postpaid, or pay-as-you-go line. This is true regardless of whether the line is pay-as-you-go, prepaid, or postpaid. All that is required of you is a valid Emirates ID and the sim card that you are currently using for the visiting line.

Pay a visit to the Etisalat Business Center or Outlet that is most convenient for you. You may convert your Visitor Line to a Wasel prepaid, postpaid, or pay-as-you-go line by informing the customer support person that you want to do so. In a short amount of time, they will change your line to Wasel or any other currency that you have asked for. After this has been completed, which should only take a few minutes, they will give you a new SIM card that corresponds to the plan you’ve chosen.

In addition, I understand that there are no fees associated with changing or moving your Visitor line sim card to any postpaid or prepaid line, as well as a pay-as-you-go line. You will, however, want to consider topping out your balance or purchasing a data package on your own initiative. Please let me know in the comment area below if you need any more assistance.

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