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How To Check Ufone Call History in 3 Steps 2022

You may now see the Ufone Call History of any number, regardless of whether it is a prepaid or postpaid service. You may check the minute’s consumption (call history) of any Ufone number using one of these three different techniques. How To Check Ufone Call History in 3 Steps 2022.

Only the owner of a postpaid or prepaid SIM card will be able to see the history of that card on Ufone’s website. Consequently, anyone who is interested in obtaining any SIM history needs to be in possession of the genuine SIM card as well as the consent of the owner to verify it.

We have outlined three distinct approaches, two of which involve verifying history over the internet, and one of which involves using a built-in mechanism that does not need the use of the internet.

View the Call Logs on Your Ufone.

You may check your Ufone call history by using the “Official App,” the “Ufone Website,” or the “Mobile Settings” history check, which is the third option. We have provided a detailed, step-by-step description of these procedures.

Always keep in mind that none of these three options will cost you anything. In order to see your call history, you do not need any kind of balance or load on your phone. Examine each of the following options:

  • Mobile Settings (History)
    Check Your Own History on the Official Website of the Ufone App by Going Through the Settings

To begin, you will need to unlock your smartphone and then go into the settings. Next, you’ll want to click the “call settings” link that’s located in this row. You are going to want to check for the use section inside this tab. This section will provide you with information on the length of the call from the previous time, the duration of the call from the previous week, and the duration of the call from the previous month. As a result, it is simple to get suggestions about the length of the call history. This technique of checking does not need any kind of internet connection or balance. Because of this, keeping a close watch on the particulars is the most effective strategy.

Ufone App Inquiry

Checking one’s call history is also accessible using the “Ufone App” feature of the service. Simply go to the Google Play Store on your mobile device and search for an app called “Ufone” to download and install. After you have ensured that this software was successfully loaded on your mobile device, you should then launch it. During the initial setup process, the network will enquire about the SIM number you have provided. You’ll need to provide your UFONE number in order to register the app. Now, choose the “Profile” tab from the menu. Make sure you’re logged in to your profile once you’ve created it. You will be able to see the history of your SMS messages and phone calls on the main page. Here you can find information on the Ufone Mini-Card 330.

Login to the Official Website

The aforementioned account, which you establish by downloading the “Ufone App,” is also available via the official “self-care login” section of the Ufone website. Simply go to the website and enter your login information into the user profile area to access your profile. By using this online approach, you will be able to examine your call history.

Closing Remarks

When checking the history, it is important to pay attention to the case. Because of this, we do not advise that you review the call history; nevertheless, the network does not let us look into the history of calls made to other numbers. This is the primary reason why you can only see the call logs of your own number while doing so.

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