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How to Activate Easypaisa Debit Card (ATM)

Free activation of an EasyPaisa debit card is available via the official EasyPaisa app and code activation methods in the year 2022. On this page, we have gone into depth on both of the aforementioned approaches. How to Activate Easypaisa Debit Card (ATM).

JazzCash and EasyPaisa are both examples of digital accounts that are now functioning to a significant degree in Pakistan. You may use these cards to shop online, purchase things, and withdraw money from an ATM.

You will first need to activate the card on your own in order to have access to all of these capabilities. Activating your Easypaisa Debit Card, Credit Card, or ATM Card may be done in a manner that does not need any kind of expertise thanks to this really straightforward procedure.

Step-by-Step Guide to Activating Your Easypaisa Debit Card

There are two different approaches that you may take in order to successfully activate your Easypaisa Debit Card. These ways link your card to the official EasyPaisa database system, allowing your card to have access to all of the capabilities that are available via EasyPaisa.

The following are the names of two different techniques of activation:

  • Activate Your Debit Card Via the App
    Debit Card Activate through Code

Both approaches to “getting ready” your card are described in the next paragraphs. Examine each of these tips, then activate your Easypaisa Debit Card by selecting the approach that seems the most straightforward to you and best fits your character.

Activate Your Debit Card Via the App

To activate your freshly sent debit card, all you need to do is utilize the EasyPaisa app on your mobile device. This process is quite straightforward to understand, and it is laid out in its entirety using clear language below:

  • Open EasyPaisa App
    To access your account, use the “My Account” link located in the upper right corner.
    “Manage Debit Card” is the second option that can be seen in the newly opened menu (click that)
    Following that, a new menu with the whole settings, including the activation option, will appear.
    Click the button that says “I HAVE RECEIVED MY CARD” to let the official know that you have the card and that it was delivered by a courier.
    Insert the remaining four numbers and continue using the card. The back of your debit card has a serial number, also known as a debit card number.
    In the end, you will need to design a brand new four-digit pattern to use as the security key for your debit card, and then continue.
    Congratulations! Activation of your Easypaisa Debit Card has been completed successfully using the Easypaisa official app, which you downloaded and used for free.

The first approach is really simple and using the stated technique, you may manually activate a card using an app in only five seconds. This method was the first one.

Activate Your Debit Card Using the Code

The code for activating a new EasyPaisa debit card is *786#, which is also the official code for the EasyPaisa debit card. The following are the actions that must be taken in order to activate the code:

  • Simply entering the Easypaisa code *786# will bring up the whole menu.
    Respond with the number 6 to access “My Account.”
    Officials have displayed the phrase “Manage Debit Card” here.
    Proceed by selecting that item from the newly shown menu.
    Finally, You will need to choose a new PIN and input the remaining numbers of the debit card.
    Done! The Easypaisa card that you now have has been duly authorized and registered.

You do not need to further register it or activate it since it is already active and you have access to all of its features. This means that you do not need to activate it. In both your business operations and your day-to-day life, you will find that it is of great use to you.

Download the Activation Helpline Guide here.

Subscribers who are still confused about the “card activation technique” may now contact the EasyPaisa customer service team at the following numbers: 3737 for Telenor users; 042-111-003-737 for users of Jazz, Zong, Ufone, and Warid. You may inquire with the representative about the simplest way to activate your card from the comfort of your own home and they will inform you about it.

Wide Network Coverage

It makes no difference where in Pakistan you live; it has no bearing on your situation. Because the EasyPaisa app and card may be used everywhere in the nation without any restrictions. You may access your account via any automated teller machine, and having this ability will be of great use in the event that your financial situation deteriorates.

Number to Recharge or Pay the Bill

Using the Easy Paisa app and this card, you are able to make bill payments as well as reload your mobile SIM number. As a result, it provides the people of Pakistan with a solution that addresses all of their concerns in a single convenient package. There is a tonne of additional aspects of the Easy App that we are going to go through at some point in the future. Activate your card before then so you can make use of all of the advantages that come standard with an Easy Paisa card.

Because Easy Paisa Card is the only platform that enables the option to control your own account at your fingertips through or code from the comfort of your own home, we highly suggest it. This is in contrast to other credit and debit cards, which do not provide this feature. As a result, we strongly suggest that you get this card since it provides you with a digital interface that is simple to use and does not need you to go to the bank in order to configure your account settings

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