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How Can I Check my Mobily Offers?

On the Mobily network in Saudi Arabia, there are many different methods to examine and choose the best internet, data, minutes, and call packages. Having said that, I will demonstrate two distinct approaches to accomplishing this goal. Utilizing these strategies won’t cost you anything. Despite this, you are able to check minute deals, phone offers, and data offers whenever you want while you are on the go. How Can I Check my Mobily Offers?

It is not necessary for you to download and install any third-party application in order to do this. All that is required is a basic USSD code, in addition to the technique itself. Please remain seated and continue reading in order to get knowledge about the process of checking out deals on the Mobily network in Saudi Arabia…

How to Look at the Offers on Mobily

At Mobily, you may choose from among hundreds of the greatest and most affordable internet packages. But if you want to locate the greatest deal for yourself, you can check out the most recent deals on Mobily. Then proceed with the following instructions. To check out what kind of internet data deals Mobily has: Launch the Messages app and start a new text message. Send the word “Net” to 1100 by typing it. After waiting for two to five minutes, you will get an SMS from Mobily with the most recent internet offerings along with their corresponding activation codes.

You might also check out the data plans that Mobily has to offer and immediately activate any one of them. In order to use data services, dial the code *1100# before pressing the call button. Finally, push the “SEND” button. Now hit “SEND” after typing the number “1.” You are going to be presented with a list of Mobily Data Bundles. To activate the selected package, choose an option between “1” and “11” and then hit the “SEND” button. To verify that the package has been activated, on the next screen read everything and input “1,” then choose the “SEND” option.

You may enter 1 for data of 150 MB, 2 for data of 500 MB, 3 for data of 1 GB, 4 for data of 2 GB, 5 for data of 5 GB, 6 for data of 10 GB, 7 for data of 20 GB, 8 for data of 50 GB, 9 for data of 300 GB, and 11 for data of 600 GB. You are free to make any decision you choose, but before moving on to the next page, make sure you pick the package you want and confirm the costs.

In addition, you may check Mobily’s call offers and minutes by dialing *1100# and then tapping the call button. To access the daily offers, pick “1” from the Mobily Main Menu. To access Mobily minutes, phone calls, and other data plans, select “2.”


Having said that, it is possible to make errors when working, and if this happens, you can always input “0” to go back and “99” to return to the “MAIN MENU.” You may also visit the Mobily Home Page to check out the most recent deals that are available. Contact Mobily if you want assistance or are encountering problems when attempting to get an offer.

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