HEC Issued a Public Alert to Beware of Attestation Agents

The most recent notice issued a stern warning to all of the students, instructing them to avoid coming into contact with the agent who attests to the degree in exchange for payment. Following the completion of the inquiry, the HEC warned students to be on the lookout for phony HEC stamps and tickets on authentic degrees and transcripts. HEC Issued a Public Alert to Beware of Attestation Agents

HEC Issued a Public Alert to Beware of Attestation Agents

When such diplomas and transcripts are presented to HEC, they run the risk of being seized due to the presence of forged stamps. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) plays a key part in education and maintains oversight over all universities and other institutions of higher education. Earlier, they had discovered that certain persons who pose as agents offer to aid applicants in having their degrees and transcripts certified.

These individuals were helping applicants have their credentials validated. They deceive thousands of youngsters who submit applications for scholarships, opportunities to study abroad, and employment in other countries.All of the students were given a severe warning in the most recent notice, telling them to stay away from the agent who certifies degrees in exchange for payment. After the investigation was over, the HEC issued a warning to students to watch out for fake HEC stamps and tickets on legitimate degrees and transcripts. HEC Issued a Warning to the Public About Attestation Agents

As a result, they warned that everyone who is involved in this case is cautioned to exercise great caution in regard to this topic and that everyone should use the established method for attestation rather than employing possible fraudulent agents. Individuals who are interested in verifying their degrees should go to the HEC website, which can be found at www.hec.gov.pk, and follow the instructions that are provided there. Students have a responsibility to exercise caution and steer clear of anyone acting under false pretenses.

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