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Get Hammad Health Card In Qatar

Everyone in Qatar may go to Hammad Hospital for general medical treatment, counseling, or emergency services, making it the most important healthcare provider in the country. In order to get entry into offices and pay for treatment, you will require your Hamad Health Card. Residents and citizens of Qatar are eligible to submit an application for a Hamad Health Card. It is possible that emergency care facilities in Hammad, such as Alwakra and Al Khor, will make use of it.

Applying for a Hamad Health Card

It is essential to submit an application for a Hamad Health Card in order to take use of the restricted clinic services available at Hamad Hospital and other wellness offices. The first thing one must do is make their way to the Primary Health Care Center (PHCC) which is located nearest to their place of residence.

The next step is to complete the frame at this point, after which you should have the PHCC document number. The PHCC could offer the card to the applicant ahead of schedule or it might invite them to come back one more day. It is essential that the application for health care be filed first thing in the morning. The most popular payment method for installments is the Mastercard.

Renewing Health card

Here are some key points to keep in mind about the process of getting your health card back.

Visit the Patient and Visitor Service Center for more instructions if you need help finding one of Hammad Medical Corporation’s emergency clinics that offers this service. In addition, it is possible to reload money into your Hukoomi account online by going to the website (

In the event that a valid card is lost, the replacement fee is 50 Qatari riyals (QAR), whereas the fee for non-Qataris is 100 Qatari riyals (QAR).

The replacement fee is QR100 for Qataris and QR200 for non-Qataris in the event that the terminated card is lost.

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