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FIFA opening ceremony will before the first match

As you know the world’s biggest best and most popular sport is football and its world cup is going to start today in Qatar the first match will be played in Qatar today Sunday and this ceremony before the match Will be. Everyone is eagerly waiting for it.

As you know first of all if any festival is organized then the ceremony is held for it and it will be the gold cup ceremony of the most popular sport in the world and its grand and magnificent ceremony will be held inside Qatar and the first match. A ceremony will be held before the game and there will be many performances inside.

As you know, Qatar is an Islamic country and according to its culture and law, the ceremony will begin with the recitation of the Holy Quran.

Also, let us tell you that he will have many more performances including a special FIFA World Cup 2022 song and his performance. And all this ceremony will take place before the start of the match. Today’s match will be watched in the evening People living inside Qatar can watch this match at 8 pm Qatar time.

All the fans are excited to watch this colorful event. And want to watch the event from all corners of the world because you know it’s going to be a huge event. Qatar has spent a lot of capital to make it happen, according to FIFA, all the facilities have been made available and all those facilities have been provided in the best way.

As well as you know that this is the most expensive world cup in the history of FIFA. And then ceremony will also be colorful and it will amaze you. The ceremony is near to start very less time is remaining.