Dubai Expo will be a journey of Global Collaboration

Dubai Expo will be a journey of Global Collaboration

Expo Dubai 2020 ceremony starts on 30th September 2021 in Dubai. It was the first and most lavish ceremony in the middle east. Moreover, The main purpose of this ceremony is to promote business trade and tourism to boost the economy of the UAE. More than 25 million peoples around the world attend this ceremony. This means it will boost the economy of the United Arab Emirates in 2022. Dubai Expo

Also, The famous stars of the music industry make this international exhibition more lavish.

  • Italian tenor singer Andrea Bocelli
  • British singer Ellie Goulding
  • Chinese pianist Lang Lang
  • Saudi singer Mohammed Abdu

Expo Dubai 2020 Ceremony Main Focus:

Connect different minds and create a new culture is the motto of this exhibition of Dubai 2020. List of agendas discussed in the exhibition Dubai 2020.

  • Economy Growth
  • Change of Climate
  • Challenging world economy crisis
  • Tourism

On Friday the expo Dubai ceremony opens the doors for exporters from all over the world. This was the first global ceremony after the COVID-19 pandemic. Dubai expo 2020 attracts more than 25 million people who are businessmen and tourists. More than 200 countries participate in this exhibition.

Furthermore, This exhibition was all about different country’s cultures, Technology, and architecture. Also, This ceremony covers 4.3 square kilometers. In the exhibition, each country exhibits its architectural stall in different places in the desert.

Power of Dubai Expo

People also believe that expo is the main power of economics. The country that hosts this power its economy becomes most strong for the next 50 years. Turkey’s situation is improved after the expo. Moreover, In this tenure, all the world economic countries come there and take a participate in this market. Also, Now Dubai is hosting this event for the next 5 years. Now the competition of business is continuing and its economy will rise.