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Etisalat Postpaid Freedom Plans UAE

Etisalat is pleased to introduce the new and exciting Freedom Plans, for which customers are not required to sign a contract. These deals are also referred to as the Emirati Freedom 275, 450, 850, and 1600 packages respectively. Today, I will go over all of the information on these 4 packs, including the costs, the internet data, the facts regarding minutes roaming, and much more. So let’s get started . Etisalat Postpaid Freedom Plans UAE.

Freedom Plans for Etisalat Postpaid Customers

These plans are accessible to all Etisalat customers, both new and current, as well as those who want to make the transition from prepaid to postpaid service. With the Emirati Freedom plans, you are not only free to choose your own experience, but also free to choose your own gift. Now let’s take a closer look at these 4 distinct packs:

Plan 275

You will get 100 UAE WiFi hours, 15 Gigabytes of local internet data, 1000 local free minutes, bill reductions, free smiles buy one get one coupon, and a free subscription to switch TV for a total cost of AED 275 (VAT is not included in this price). You will be given priority shipment across the whole of the UAE thanks to all of these incredible incentives. The greatest part is that you do not have to sign a contract for a period of twelve months. You may purchase the plan by going to the Etisalat shop that is most convenient for you.

Plan 450

The Etisalat freedom plan may be purchased for a total cost of 450 AED. You will get 30 gigabytes of local data for the whole year, an unlimited number of local free minutes, a free subscription to switch TV, a free smiles buy one get one free ticket and a number of discounts. It is a plan that does not need a contract, but it will end without warning after the allotted period has passed (30 days). You may purchase plan 450 at any Etisalat location that is convenient to you or on the company’s main website.

Plan 850

The price of the plan is AED 850, and it includes unlimited local and international minutes, 50 GB of local data, 2 GB of roaming data, and a great deal more. The package name also includes this information. You may place an order for this Emirati plan 850 at any Etisalat shop, including the one that is closest to you, or at their official online store. You may also acquire the plan by downloading the Etisalat UAE app and using that. Because this is a postpaid bundle without a contract, there is no need that you to sign a contract. After the first month, you are free to decide whether or not to renew it.

Plan 1600

that of the monthly postpaid freedom Emirati plan, which is more costly. In exchange for a payment of AED 1,600 a month (no contract required), you will get limitless Flexi minutes for both domestic and international use, in addition to 150 GB of data. If you desire it, you may acquire it at the Etisalat shop that is closest to you or via their online web page. In addition, there is no charge to transfer over to a TV subscription, as well as bill savings and other perks.

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