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English 2nd Year Paper Scheme 2022 Punjab Board

Do you want to find out the comprehensive English 2nd-year paper pairing strategy for 2022 English and you are a student in FA/FSc HSSC part-II? You have successfully reached the correct webpage. You will get the comprehensive English pairing system as well as additional material relevant to this topic here. English 2nd Year Paper Scheme 2022 Punjab Board.

The specifics of both the subjective and the objective papers will be included in the pairing system for the second-year English paper that will be supplied. As a result of reading this article, you will have an understanding of the structure, as well as the quantity and mark distribution of MCQs and short questions.

English 2nd Year Paper Scheme 2022 Punjab

Having said that, in addition to that, we will also provide you with the specifics of English Grammer-related inquiries. As a result, information on the paper design will be provided by the 12th Class English Paper plan. All Punjab Boards will use the pairing system that has been supplied. The intermediate part-II English paper schedule for 2022 may be seen down below.

Before we go into the specifics of the Detailed English Paper plan 2022, we want to make sure you have all the information you need on the Punjab Board 12th Class Date sheet 2022. The date sheet for the second year, 2022, has been released by all of the boards in Punjab, and the first day of classes will be on June 18, 2022.

On the other hand, the English exam for the 12th class will be on June 20th, 2022. As a result, in an effort to be of assistance to the students, we have decided to publish the English Paper pairing scheme 2022 before the examinations.

Types of 2nd-Year English Question Paper

2nd-Year English Paper has two types of question papers.

  • Objective part: contains 20 MCQs & Each MCQ has 01 Marks (Total Marks=20)
  • The subjective part: Contains Short Questions, Essay, Idioms, and Translations (Total Marks=80)
  • 12th Class EnglishPaper scheme 2022

Below is the HSSC Part-II Englishy complete paper pairing scheme 2022 for every paper section.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Below are the number of MCQs from the 12th Class English Books.

12th Class English No. of MCQs
Book-II (Modern Pros and Heroes) Part-I 03 synonyms
Book-II (Modern Pros and Heroes) Part-II 03 Synonyms
Mr.Chips 04 Synonyms
Proposition  05 MCQs
Correct Sentence 05 MCQs

Subjective Part of English Paper

The Subjective Part of 2nd-Year English Paper Comprises 02 Sections: Section-I and Section-II.

Section-I: Short Questions

It is the subjective (Section-I) Part of the paper. However, the Short questions in the papers are distributed according to the following.

    • Book-II (Modern Pros and Heroes) Part-I
  • Book-II (Modern Pros and Heroes) Part-II
Q.No. Syllabus Question Details

12 marks

BOOK II (Modern Pros) 6 /9 Short questions Lesson 1-3= 4 short questions

Lesson 4-7 = 2 short questions

Lesson 8-10 = 3 short questions


12 marks

Book II (Heroes) 6/8 Short questions Lesson 11-13 = 4 short questions

Lesson 14-15 = 4 short questions


16 marks

Goodbye Mr. Chips 8/12 Short Questions Lesson 1-5 = 4 short questions

Lesson 6-10 = 4 short questions

Lesson 11-18 = 4 short questions

Section-II: English Grammer

This part of the English Subjective paper contains Essays. Idioms, and TRanslation passage. Thus, the marks Distribution of English SUbjective Paper Section-II is according to the following table.

Q.No Syllabus Question Detail

15 marks

Essay One essay from the 4 topics See the list of important essays

10 marks

Idioms/Phrases Attempt 5 out of 8 Important idioms are given on our website

15 marks

Translation of Urdu paragraph into English Students have to translate the given Urdu passage into English Important paragraphs are available with the solution on our website
Note: English medium candidate will write a paragraph in English on the given topic instead of translation in Q.No.7

List of Important Essays for English 2nd year 12th Class

Below is the list of important English essays frequently asked in past papers.

Why I love Pakistan  
Corona Pandemic in Pakistan Most Important
Technical education  
Computer a blessing or a course  
Importance of Muslim unity Most Important
Drug addicting  
Women’s place in our society Most Important
My Favorite Personality  
Education In Women Most Important
Rising prices/Inflation  
Corruption Most Important
Curbing child abuse Most Important
A Cricket Match  
Life in a Big city  

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