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Ehsaas rashan program apply Online for rashan

Ehsaas Rashan program is a portal program that will help poor people. In this program, families will get a discount on the home rashan of at least one thousand rupees. This discount for every family is included in ehsaas survey programs. The Prime minister of Pakistan wants to work for the people of Pakistan due to the high inflation rate increase in the world. If you want to get the advantage of ehsaas rashan portal program is open now.

Ehsaas rashan program portal is open now. The prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan inaugurated this ceremony on 2 November 2021. On 8th November registration will start. At this time registration is started and in this program, about 20 million families will get an advantage. Near about 130 million people get benefits from this program. The discount will be provided on sugar, cooking oil, banaspati ghee, rice, daal, etc.

Eligible Criteria for rashan program

This program is for people who have participated in the Ehsas survey. There are people who feel that those who are involved in the Ehsaas rashan program will be given high priority. Are receiving money and for this, it is also necessary that the person who wants to join the ration program must have a SIM in his name ie his mobile number which will be informed.

How to apply on ehsaas portal

The way to join Ehsas Ration Program is very simple. First, you have to click on this link After clicking on this link you will go to the main page of Ehsas Ration. It will be seen that the registration is if you want to get a discount, that is, you have to register your family first, you have to your SIM number to get SMS, then you have your mobile number. After entering the mobile number, you will copy the code given below and click the submit. Your registration will be complete.

The other way is that if you are a shopkeeper or run a karyana store you want to deliver items from your store then first you have to register your store now not the store after which You can also register your store by visiting the nearest branch of National Bank of Pakistan.

Furthermore, A package worth Rs 120 billion has been earmarked for this program and the first Gilgit-Baltistan Azad Kashmir Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has already participated in this package. Also, this program has been launched within Punjab and many more Pakistanis Have been started in the areas of Punjab, Balochistan, and Sindh. Now if you want to make it original, you will get a discount of one thousand rupees after we become eligible. You will get a discount of one thousand rupees

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