Ehsaas Introduces One Window Digital Portal for Raabta

The Ehsaas program encompasses a total of 23 different locations around the country. Officials from the government have recently launched the Ehsaas One Window Digital Portal in order to better administer these branches. Ehsaas Introduces One Window Digital Portal for Raabta.

Ehsaas Introduces One Window Digital Portal for Raabta

There are a lot of individuals who aren’t familiar with the Ehsaas program’s particular registration, tracking, survey, and fundamental elements. Because of this, the federal government has established an online resource that is bilingual (English and Urdu) and gives information on 23 different programs in both languages.

These 21 initiatives are those that were initiated by the government with the purpose of assisting young people, women, and men. It includes a substantial number of financial aid options, including as grants, loans, and free allowances, in addition to a plan for obtaining quick cash in an emergency.

Ehsaas One Window Digital

Even though the Ehsaas program already has a site, it is insufficient to manage all of the many schemes that it encompasses. Because of this, the authorities of the government, under the direction of Dr. Sania Nishtar, have built distinct pages for each program that is available on the one window site.

Today, we are going to discuss this centralized hub as well as all of its subdomains. This portal will, in general, be simple to use, and users who want any kind of information will simply go to the “one window portal,” where they may get information on any particular scheme by clicking on the tab corresponding to that scheme.

23 Ehsaas Schemes (Ehsaas Introduces One Window Digital Portal for Raabta)

This is the list of those special programs that are associated with the Ehsaas program.

  1. Ahsaas Loan
  2. Ahsaas Jobs
  3. Ahsaas Langar
  4. Ahsaas Amdan
  5. Ahsaas Wazaif
  6. Ahsaas Survey
  7. Ahsaas Training
  8. Ahsaas Kafalat
  9. Ahsaas Tahafuz
  10. Ahsaas Scholarship
  11. Ahsaas Panah-Gah
  12. Ahsaas Nashonoma
  13. Ahsaas Darul-Ahsaas
  14. Ahsaas one window
  15. Ahsaas Weekly news
  16. Ahsaas 8171 portal
  17. Ahsaas Bachat Account
  18. Ahsaas Latest updates
  19. Ahsaas Emergency CashAhsaas Registration Desk
  20. Ahsaas (koi bhoka na soye)
  21. Ahsaas Kafalat (khasosi afrad)
  22. Ahsaas Undergraduate Scholarship

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