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Ehsaas Couple Program Online Registration 2022 (Fraud)

People are looking for information about the Ehsaas Couple Program 2022 at the moment. This website contains both the online Registration procedure and complete information on the program that is being offered. Ehsaas Couple Program Online Registration 2022 (Fraud).

We have conducted an extensive search on the internet, but to no avail; there does not seem to be any kind of government assistance program that goes by the name of the Ehsaas Couple Program. As a result, there is no such thing as a “Couple Program” in Pakistan that belongs to the Ehsaas program in any capacity.

A Program for Ehsaas Couples

As was just said, Ehsaas does not provide a program with the term “couple program” or one that is otherwise comparable to this description. There are a great number of other programs, each of which implements a strategy that is entirely unlike such names.

We have also included the names of all of those genuine programs and Ehsaas programs (schemes) that are in place to assist the underprivileged people of Pakistan and are shown to be effective one hundred percent of the time.

List of all original Ehsaas Programs:

  1. Langar Program
  2. Rashan Program
  3. Kafaalat Program
  4. Amdan Program
  5. 786 SMS Program
  6. Interest-Free Loans
  7. Nashonuma Program
  8. Scholarships Program
  9. Hum Qadam Program
  10. Taleemi Wazifa Program
  11. Bahimat Bazurg Program
  12. Emergency Cash Program

Registration of Couple Scheme

Always keep in mind that you should never enter your personal information, including your name and the number on your CNIC card, on any website that comes with the phrase “new update scheme Registration,” since this program does not even exist. On the other hand, the term “govt” is included in the name of the portal that can be seen on the official websites of Ehsaas. As a result, this provides a clue that the websites associated with Ehsaas have been formally established by the government of Pakistan.

New (Real) Ehsaas Scheme

A new number, 786, was introduced a few days ago by Miftah Ismail, who serves as the finance minister for the Pakistani government. In light of this, all that is required of you is to text the number 786 with the CNIC of the lady who is the head of the household.

After the official authentication and Ehsaas clearance, beginning on June 1, 2022, the government will grant 2,000 rupees to each woman whose CNIC number was transmitted to the 786 code. This will take place after the official authentication.

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