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DU Monthly Data Package 50 AED

The United Arab Emirates is home to the renowned telecommunications company known as Du. They provide customers a selection of alternatives to choose from, not just for prepaid but also for postpaid service plans. Because there are tens of different daily, weekly, and monthly data packages to choose from. On the other hand, if you want to get the most affordable and boundless data plan that is available to you, you should do so. DU Monthly Data Package 50 AED.

If this is the case, the plan that includes a substantial amount of data and costs 50 AED per month is the one that you should get. Today, I will show a number of different things, including the basic activation code, the speed limit, the process for deactivating bundles and establishing whether or not they are real, and a lot more besides. Let’s take a look at the box that’s been placed down here…

DU 50 AED for a Data Package Intended for Monthly Use

You may purchase a data plan with unlimited data that includes continuous data for only 50 AED per month if you want to do so (VAT is included in this price). Simply dial the following number combination: *135*5#, and then click the call button to take advantage of the offer: Following the conclusion of the activation procedure, DU will send a text message to the customer’s mobile device in order to confirm the purchase of the 50 AED package (non-stop data bundle).

By dialing the number *135*5# on your phone and following the instructions that show on the screen of your device, you have the power to cancel or unsubscribe from the data plan that costs fifty AED DU for one month at any moment.

For the AED 50 Package, there is a Quota for Speed.

In case you were wondering, the daily data limit of 150 MB comes with a maximum download speed of 192 kbps from DU. After you have hit that limit, you will be allowed to use an unlimited amount of data, but your download speed will be restricted to 72 Kbps. If you want to use more data than that, you will need to upgrade. The maximum allowed speed has been capped at a level that is suitable for its intended usage; other than that, there are no further limits.

Does the monthly data plan that costs 50 AED

According to DU, the plan (consisting of a data bundle that could be used continuously for one month for a fee of fifty AED) would be automatically renewed on a monthly basis. You may, however, terminate your membership to the package at any time by dialing the number *135*5# and then following the instructions that display on your screen once you have done so. Using this approach, you will be able to stop the auto-renewal option of the monthly data plan on your DU sim card which costs 50 AED. The subscription is renewed monthly.

Take into consideration that this specific offer from DU in the UAE is just going to be valid for a constrained period of time. DU is the only owner of the package, and as the only owner, they have the authority to cancel the package at any time or increase the prices anytime they deem it appropriate to do so. Having said that, we assure you that we will keep you abreast of the most latest information as it becomes available.

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