Doubts Regarding MDCAT 2022, PMC, and PMDC? Here Are the Answers You Need!

Are you planning to take the MDCAT test in 2022, the PMC test in 2023, or the PMDC test in 2024? Are you wondering what your chances are of passing these competitive exams? Are you concerned about whether or not you have enough time to prepare? Doubts Regarding MDCAT 2022, PMC, and PMDC? Here Are the Answers You Need!

Do you have questions about how to study effectively for these difficult tests? If so, you’re not alone! Thousands of aspiring doctors across Pakistan who want to join the medical profession do too. Doubts Regarding MDCAT 2022, PMC, and PMDC? Here Are the Answers You Need!

Doubts Regarding MDCAT 2022, PMC, and PMDC? 

After the passing of the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council Act 2022 in the National Assembly, the MDCAT 2022 test date may be subject to change. The registration for the MDCAT has been opened, but it closes on 05 July 2022. The examination, however, will be in September 2022. This decision, along with the outcome of all of the various PMC-related tests, will be announced at a later date.

But with regards to the MDCAT 2022, many students have many questions in their minds that are bothering them. That’s why we’re here to provide the answers to those questions and ease your doubts. In this section, we answer the most common questions regarding the MDCAT, PMC, and PMDC. So read the rest of the article.

Q No.1: Is PMC (Pakistan Medical commission) been Dissolved? 

Up until now, the National Assembly has dissolved the PMC (Pakistan Medical Commission) and passed the PMDC Bill, which is being sent to the Senate.

QNo.2: If PMC is dissolved, what will be the MDCAT Syllabus 2022?

Therefore, the syllabus of the MDCAT for 2022 will be the same as last year’s syllabus set by the PMC. Consequently, students should begin preparing for the MDCAT 2022 using the PMC’s previous year’s syllabus without delay.

Notwithstanding, we will update you if any changes are made to the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council.

QNo.3: How can we cover the MDCAT syllabus 2022? 

In order to prepare for the Medical Dialysis Certification Act exam, students should read their allotted textbook books thoroughly and thoroughly. They should understand the details of all topics to attempt the Medical Dialysis Certification Act Test.

I’d suggest seeking out additional resources and using the internet to find ones that may be more helpful.

Q No.4: Will the fee submitted at the time of applying to the establishment of the PMDC be refundable?

After the approval and establishment of the PMDC, all of the company’s rights, assets, and resources will be transferred to the PMDC. And thus, after the PMDC establishment, you will not need to pay the fee again. This will allow you to safely keep your documents.

Q No.5: Does PMDC plan to administer the MDCAT at the Provincial or National level?

PMDC will oversee the MDCAT 2022 at the provincial level, with Punjab as the specific area of examination. Here in KPK, Khyber University will conduct the MDCAT, which is like which all provinces will take their MDCAT tests.

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