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CM Punjab Decided to Distribute Scotties Among Female Teachers

The government of Punjab has made the decision to provide scooters to female educators working in public schools across the state. In this context, there have been discussions over the possibility of including the Scotties and Pilot projects in the budget for the next year. Consequently, the Department of School Education will be working on this initiative. CM Punjab Decided

The Chief Minister of Punjab, Hamza Shehbaz, allegedly discussed the Punjab Budget 2022 in a meeting that took place a few days ago, as reported by the news. During the course of the discussion, the participant came to the conclusion that the Scotties should be given out to the female government instructors. This effort was taken by the Government of Punjab to enable female teachers to come to school conveniently and without any obstructions.

Because some instructors use public transportation and others drive their own cars, it is typical for female teachers to rely on their male counterparts in order to go out. Therefore, the government will begin the pilot project the following year during the Budget 2022-23 in order to empower women to lead independent lives.

Nevertheless, the Education Department will work to settle out the associated matters, such as the budget for the Scotties, eligible instructors, teacher types, and so on. As a result, the Education Department and the government of Punjab would be responsible for supervising all of the choices that must be made on the financing and other matters associated with it.

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