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Civil Id Delivery Home Kuwait 2022 

In this post, you will learn about the timeline and procedure for obtaining a civil ID delivery in Kuwait, as well as how to submit an application for a civil ID card. Those who are not citizens of Kuwait, as well as citizens of Kuwait, have the opportunity to utilize a public service paci civil id delivery home Kuwait link in order to get straight to this service without first viewing any other websites. Civil Id Delivery Home Kuwait 2022.

Additionally, Kuwaiti nationals may go to the website of the General Authority for Civil Information to arrange an early delivery of their civil cards rather than pay for a paid delivery service. This option is available on the website of the General Authority for Civil Information.

Рaci Civil Id Delivery Home Kuwait Step By-Step Guide:

if you know about civil id delivery in Kuwait please read our article’s full step by step full guide.

 Step 1: Registration of Civil ID for home delivery in Kuwait.

Open your browser on your mobile device or laptop and go to this website.

Step:2 if there is an Arabic page you can select left upside to make it English.

Step:2 Now click to accept the terms and conditions of the delivery company.

You can read the instructions and terms of the civil id delivery service in the screenshot below:  

step 3: Check If you already have an old civil id card

After accepting the terms and conditions of the PACI delivery service, you will be taken to a new page that has two options. If you already own an old civil id, click on the box that says: “Old civil Id card is available”. However, If you don’t have an old identification card available, check the box that says: “Old Civil Id card is not available, ” as shown in the screenshot below. 

Step 4: Write down your ID card number

You should now enter your civil ID card number and serial number in this box.

Step 5: Write your address and other credentials

After entering your civil Id card number and serial number, you have to enter your personal information:

  • Card address/home address
  • Name
  • Time of delivery
  • Email 
  • Phone number
  • Contact language preference

While writing your delivery address, you will see three options: 

  1. “Use card address.”
  2. “Use other PACI address.”
  3. “Enter address manually.”

Choose the option that suits you the best and fill in the information as shown below:

Step:6 Make payment

After entering all of your credentials, you will be prompted to confirm your delivery details before moving on to the payment option. After the completion of the payment, you will be sent a confirmation receipt, which you are obligated to properly store away. You may print it out or download it to your device.

What are the РАСI Kuwait Civil Id orders?

It is essential to keep in mind that supplementary cards may only be obtained for purchase if they have RACI-based addresses that match the primary card’s address. In the event that the order of the primary card is altered, your previously scheduled delivery will be scrapped, and you will be required to reapply for delivery. Another important point to keep in mind is that the PACI delivery service will be unable to identify your order if you miss their call after making your purchase and do not pick up the phone when they contact you.

What is the fastest way to get а delivery civil id Kuwait?

After they have obtained the identity card from the PACI headquarters, RACI will assure in-house delivery within only two to three days.

How to apply for PACI Civil Id delivery in Kuwait? 

  • Follow the link for Civil ID home delivery to access the domestic shipping service, and once there, choose English from the language menu on the webpage.
    Simply clicking the terms and conditions link that is shown on the homepage will lead you to the next step in the delivery procedure.
    In the event that you have already registered for this site and are in possession of an older card, you will be able to input your serial number and any other pertinent information on the delivery form.
    If this is your first time using the service or if you are requesting for a card to be issued to a baby, then you will be required to pick the option that states “Old card is not accessible.”
    Please enter the information on your identification card, including the serial number.
    Complete this form with your personal information, including your address and contact number.
    Finish up your payment, and don’t forget to hang on to the receipt.

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