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Buy PUBG UC Via Telenor Midasbuy Pakistan 2022

Because you can now Buy PUBG UC Via Telenor on Midasbuy, you won’t require a credit or debit card in order to make a purchase of UC. On this page, we have outlined the whole process that must be followed in order to purchase PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) unknown cash (also known as Unknown Cash) via the Apna4G website. Buy PUBG UC Via Telenor Midasbuy Pakistan 2022.

Are you an experienced player of a PUBG game, or are you just getting started? You will need UC in either scenario if you want to be able to purchase skins, firearms, and several other essential stuff in the PUBG game. You need to have digital cash in order to buy the products you want.

UC is a kind of in-game money that may also be thought of as “game digital point” or “Unknown Cash.” On the official PUBG mobile page, you may get it for a price that is always the same. Using the Telenor SIM card, you may purchase in-game currency by following the instructions that we have provided for you here.

Buy PUBG UC Via Telenor

The load or balance on a Telenor SIM card is sufficient for purchasing UC from Midasbuy in Pakistan. The steps that need to be taken are as follows. Simply following these instructions will allow you to become a pro player in PUBG and get everything in the game with Unknown Cash.

Follow these steps to purchase UC with your Telenor load:

  • Click here & open the official portal Midasbuy PK portal (remember to open the “PK” version)
  • Now click on the “purchase” button on the front screen
  • Now verify your identity by entering the right PUBG ID in the “Player ID Verification” section. After that choose “Telenor” in the payment method.
  • Now select products from the given list of PUBG UC mention with their accurate price.
  • At the end the final price of UC (unknown cash) you select will appear to click on “Pay Now”

Finally, after you have provided the SMS verification key that you were given by the authorities, Midasbuy will take the amount from the balance on your prepaid or postpaid Telenor SIM card. Because of this, the Unknown Cash that you entered will be added to the PUBG ID that you provided before.

Full Informative Video

This is the video that was released by Telenor as part of their campaign. Watching this movie will provide you with the further assistance of any kind. Therefore, it will make it easier for people to comprehend the idea of purchasing UC services online via Telenor.


Because purchasing UC via Telenor is the most convenient approach, we recommend that all PUBG players do so. This approach does not involve the use of a credit card or debit card and will supply you with an equal number of extra UC in addition to the UC that you have just purchased through the official website.

These are the most up-to-date PUBG net packages that Telenor introduced in 2022. Therefore, anybody with a Telenor prepaid SIM who wants to play games while utilizing the Telenor SIM network may activate a daily, weekly, or monthly PUBG plan by following the instructions in the URL provided above. These options are available to them.

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