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Booster Dose Registration In Kuwait Step By Step

Registration for the Covid 19 booster dosage has become simpler in Kuwait in comparison to how it was previously. This page will provide you with the required information on vaccine registration in Kuwait, including who is eligible for a booster dosage, who is not eligible for a booster dose, information regarding costs, and other relevant details. Booster Dose Registration In Kuwait Step By Step.

Vaccines are still being distributed to people as part of Kuwait’s ongoing national immunization program. Those individuals who have already received two standard doses are also receiving booster doses. Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson are the four companies that have been granted permission to produce the covid vaccination in Kuwait.

Is It Necessary To Take A Booster Dose?

The communication department of the Kuwaiti government has issued an advisory stating that those who have already received two standard doses of the covid vaccination are required to get a booster shot. In such cases, individuals can have some difficulties when it comes to traveling around the nation. As a consequence of this, no resident of Kuwait is permitted to leave the country unless they have received a booster dosage of covid 19.

Booster dosages have taken on a new level of significance as a result of the unexpected prevalence of the new omicron type.

A reasonable shield may be improved with regular and booster dosages, allowing it to better defend against new covid types such as omicron.

Registration of Vaccines in the State of Kuwait Step by Step:

A web portal specifically for the purpose of registering patients has just been made available online by the Ministry of Health in Kuwait. is the domain name of their official COVID 19 cognition website. This website offers three distinct forms of vaccination registration, which are as follows:

There is a special part that is reserved for Kuwaiti people. a place where individuals already residing in Kuwait may sign up to get their preferred dosage.

Because there are so many people who are hospitalized, there is a section that is dedicated to them. In this section, patients and their families may register for their dosage.

If a person has already registered for the vaccination but their information has to be changed because they made a mistake, they may do so by clicking on this section.

Following the selection of a category, the following process would need to be completed by you:

Step 1: Give us your serial number and your civil identification number.

Step 2: You will be required to submit further information, including your name, address, and phone number, as well as any other relevant information.

Step 3 requires you to disclose any prior health problems you’ve had. (If any)

Booster Dose Registration In Kuwait: 

The Ministry of Health in Kuwait has declared that visitors to the country are required to get a booster dose of their typhoid vaccination before entering the country. Those individuals who have finished their regular dosages are required to also finish their booster doses. As a result, we will treat them as if they had received all of their vaccinations.

In addition, the ability to travel will be restricted for Kuwaiti individuals who have not received the necessary booster dosages. As a result, it is necessary to have a booster shot both for those who live in Kuwait and for those who want to visit the country. In a nutshell, the registration of booster doses in Kuwait has become both more easily available and mandatory. You are required to go to the website for booster dosage registration in Kuwait in order to register for a booster dose.


  • Everyone whose age is 16 or above
  • Competent adults with hypertension and other chronic diseases 
  • Children between 12-15
  • Children between 5-11

Kuwait Booster Dose Centers: 

A booster dose may be obtained at a variety of locations around the nation. Those locations include: We recommend that you sign up to follow these steps and get in touch with the location of your choice for any more information. Here are several such centers:

  1. Jaber Causeway (Bridge) Vaccine Center-Drive through 
  2. Kuwait International fairground at mushref
  3. Police Officers Club
  4. Jaber Al Ahmed Health Center 1
  5. Musaeed Al Saleh Health center
  6. Salwa Specialized Center
  7. North Ardiya Health Center
  8. Siddeeq Health Center
  9. Almesayel Health Center
  10. Al Nahdha Health Center
  11. Abu Fatira Health Center
  12. South Khaitan Health Center
  13. Jabriya Medical Center


Booster Dose Kuwait Timing:

You may acquire your immunization at reputable vaccination facilities on any weekday between the hours of 10 am and 5 pm, which is the working day.

Kuwait Moh Vaccine Registration Link:

On the Moh official website for covid registration is where you will discover the link to the Kuwait Moh Vaccine Registration. Where the registration portions for both the normal dosage and the booster dose may be located.

Check on the status of the Covid-19 vaccination registration in Kuwait:

You are required to go to the official website of the ministry of health in order to verify the status of your vaccination registration. On that page, after providing your personal information, you will be able to check your registration status.

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