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Barwaqt App is Banned in Pakistan and doing fraud

Pakistan’s Cabinet Division has informed the people that there are Applications that are getting people’s data and information in the name of loans Barwaqt App.

Pakistan’s Cabinet Division has issued a notification stating that the application run in the name of a Barwaqt loan inside Pakistan is a fraud that obtains people’s data and sends their information to other places. Has said that along with Barwaqt, OliveCash is also doing wrong things inside Pakistan.

Barwaqt App loan instant loan

Over the last few days, it has been observed that people in Pakistan are being robbed in the name of a timely application. This application is running its ads on all types of platforms. And people are getting different types of loans and this application is providing loans very soon. If people are stuck in a difficult situation, they can get a timely loan at a very high interest rate.

The Cabinet Division has issued a notification to the various offices to inform the people about this application and to make it clear to them to refrain from giving their personal information and this application will provide all kinds of information. Take it from you and misuse it which is illegal

Barwaqt Response

On this occasion, Barwaqt stated that his company is registered with the SECP of Pakistan, which registers digital networks and digital applications within Pakistan, adding that it Does not sell customer data anywhere or in the wrong place.

He added that between one thousand people work inside our company and we are expanding it further and our next target is up to thirty-five hundred people within it will be able to employ up to thirty-five hundred people. Will be able to repay the loan in easy installments.

He further said that the tweet issued by the SECP has now also announced the tweet and also stated that our application has been approved by the digital network of Pakistan.

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