Australia is in trouble after winning over England from NZ

The festival of the T20 World Cup is going on very loudly. Today, England has won a great position in the points table by beating New Zealand, which caused a significant loss to Australia. Australia is third in the points table. It has gone now, it is essential for Australia to win that too with a good run rate.

The matches of all the teams in group one have been equal. And at this time, the competition between New Zealand, England, and Australia is going on. Because the teams have got five points. And their competition will be according to the run rate. As seen, this run rate is very high for New Zealand. And so with England at number two now Australia will have to win a very tough match.

And so let us also tell you that Afghanistan is the first team to be out of the World Cup. Two of Afghanistan’s matches were rained out and they lost one of their matches. They have become the first team to be eliminated from the T20 World Cup. Afghanistan has not won a match yet.

Is there a chance of Sri Lanka for semi-final?

In this way, why do you also tell that today Sri Lanka has strengthened its position by defeating Afghanistan in a great match, now Sri Lanka’s next match is against England if they win the match against England. That will be a secret and for this, it is also important that Australia must lose against Afghanistan, or if New Zealand loses the first match then they can win their match and make it to the semi-finals.

As of now, all the T20 2022 have been contested, no team has been able to make their place clearly, now the last match is for each team, now let’s see which team will get their clear lead and make it to the semi-finals. He has made his place in the final

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