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Apple MagSafe Battery Price in Pakistan $99

The Apple MagSafe Battery for 12 series was only released a short while ago. This revolutionary new technology essentially utilizes wireless electricity, and it is mind-blowing. Yes! If your phone’s battery life is becoming low, you can connect this spare battery to the back of your phone, and it will supply more power so that you may continue to use the device for a longer period of time. Apple MagSafe Battery Price in Pakistan $99.

The officials at Apple claim that the built-in magnet strength of this little power booster will allow it to adhere to the body of the iPhone. As soon as you connect it to your iPhone, it will begin charging as soon as it detects a need for power (12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max).

Get this mystical additional power booster to extend the amount of time your battery lasts for non-stop socializing and gaming, and to ensure that you are constantly connected with your most important relationships.

The Cost of an Apple MagSafe Battery

This wireless charging case is made of plastic and contains a strong magnet that allows it to be attached to the rear of an iPhone. Simply due to the fact that this iPhone is capable of being wirelessly charged, it begins to function. A complete charge is given to the user’s battery in only a few minutes.

Price of Apple MagSafe Battery in Pakistan: The MagSafe Magnet Battery can be purchased for $99, which is equivalent to PKR 23,760. (1 dollar is equal to 240 Rs today). When people learn the pricing of this very inexpensive equipment, they are often taken aback. However, Apple promises its customers that their money will not be wasted and that the power bank would serve as an excellent accessory for their iPhones.

It will not only offer power, but it will also boost the aesthetic of the gadget owing to its wonderful form and casing colors. This will make it an even more desirable accessory.

MagSafe Options and Features

The following are the characteristics of this battery that set it apart from conventional power banks and several other devices that provide additional power.

It does it via the use of the iPhone’s built-in magnet power capability.
It supplies electricity in accordance with the version of the iPhone.
Provide support for all wireless Qi AirPods.
The charging system is completely Qi wireless.
The battery operates completely on its own.
High-power booster with a capacity of 11.13 Wh

Order Online

Through the official website, you will be able to place an order for an extra battery for your device. To access the purchasing list, just click on it. Choose the color you want and the mode of payment you like. After filling in the further information, click the “buy online” button. They will provide you with an estimated delivery date for your package at that time.

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