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9th Class Math Sample Paper 2022

9th Class Mathematics Guess Papers 2022 Punjab Board.Of all the subjects for the students. There is one that is very difficult. While reading it. The students look very confused. They desperately need guidance in Mathematics. Often it has been observed. Students get very low marks in this subject. What bothers them the most is the students.9th Class Math Sample Paper 2022.

This is a subject, which despite the guidance of the teacher. The students do not understand the subject well or they have difficulty in understanding. The role played by the guess papers in this regard.9th Class Math Sample Paper 2022.

Importance of Mathematics Class 9th

There is no denying the importance of mathematics. Mathematics is often associated with offices and business. This is a very important subject in every field. Given these things, children are taught Maths. As a compulsory subject in class. The importance of this cannot be denied.

So here, we bring you 9th-class mathematics guess papers. Which can be helpful in your exam preparation.

Here you can download guess papers.

Math 9th Class Guess Papers 2022

Chapter No.1 Matrices and Determinants

Exercises no.1.1 Q3

exercises no 1.2 Q5 (c), 6

Exercises no 1.3 Q4,5,6,7

Exercises no 1.4 Q 3,4,5,6

Exercises no 1.5 Q 1

Exercises no Q 1.6 Q3,4,5

Chapter No.2 Real And Complex Number

2.1 Q5

Exercises no 2.3 Q 3

Exercises no 2.4 Q 2,3

exercises no 2.5 Q 1(ii),(v)(vi)2,3 Q4,5,6o

Chapter No.3

Exercises no 3.1 Q 1,2

Exercises no 3.2 Q 2,4,5

exercises no 3.3 Q1,2,3(ii,iii,iv)

Exercises no 3.4 Q1 (I, iii, iv, vi)


Chapter No.4 Algebraic Expressions.

exercises no.4.1 Q3(iv,v)5 (iv,vi)6(ii,v)

Exercises no.4.2 Q3,6,9,11

Exercises no 4.4 Q 2,4,8

Chapter No.5 Factorization

Exercises no.3(iii) 4 (ii) 5.2 Q 2,3

Exercises no.4 1,7

Chapter No.6Algebraic Multiplication

exercises no.6.1 Q 1,3(i,iii),4,6,7

exercises no. 6.2 Q6,9,11,13 (i)

Chapter 7 Linear Equation…

Exercises no7.1 Q 1 (iv)

exercises no7.2 Q2(v,vii)

exercises no7.3 Q2,3

Chapter No.8 Linear Graphics…

Exercises no Q 2,4

Exercises no 8.2 Q 2,4

Exercises no 8.3 Q 4,5

Chapter No.12 Complete

Chapter No.17 Practical Geometry Triangles

exercise no 17.1 Q 3,4(i) 5(ii)

exercises no 17.2 Q1,3(iii),4(ii)

Exercises no 17.3 Q 3,4

Exercises no 17.4 Q 3

Exercises no 17.5 Q 2,4,6

9th class guess paper 2022 Punjab board

These have been prepared on guess papers. By the pattern of Punjab Board Examination Papers. They have been prepared by our educationists and experienced teachers. Which can be very useful for the students.9th Class Mathematics Guess Papers 2022 Punjab Board.9th Class Math Sample Paper 2022.

9th Class Math Guess Papers Updated

Keep in mind that the math guess papers of the Punjab Board change. Especially every year. So we will try to prepare your new up-to-date papers, for the next year 2013 as well.

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