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10th Class Computer Book PDF Punjab Textbook Board

We are aware that you are browsing the internet in search of the new syllabus for the 10th Class Computer Book. We can provide a solution for you as a result of the fact that this computer book is available to you in both Urdu and English mediums. 10th Class Computer Book.10th Class Computer Book PDF Punjab Textbook Board.

We scanned the tenth new book on computer science and uploaded it to our website for the convenience of our readers. The Punjab textbook board makes both an English and a Punjabi edition of the Computer Science textbook that students take in the tenth grade.

On this page, you may choose to read either the online edition or the downloadable version of the book that you are interested in.

10th Class Computer Book PDF Punjab Textbook Board

While downloading the book chapters more than once is not an option, you are free to do so with these chapters as many as you wish. The fact that all of the books are in satisfactory condition is the primary concern here. The PDF versions are quite simple to read, and the information can all be understood without any difficulty. Therefore, save them to your computer right now!

10th Class Computer Book PDF

This book has a total of five different lessons. We will go through the book chapter by chapter. Students will have the opportunity to evaluate the breadth and depth of their learning of computer science in the chapters that are presented in the book.

Unit-1 Introduction to Programming

It should come as no surprise, given the chapter’s name, that the purpose of this section is to provide an introduction to programming.

You will get familiar with programming, integrated development environments (IDEs), several fundamental programming languages, and a basic introduction to the C language. You will gain knowledge of the syntax and structure of the C programming language in the following subjects.

Unit-2 User Interface (10th Class Computer Book PDF Punjab Textbook Board)

This chapter will serve to familiarise you with the user interface that is available in the C programming language. You will be able to acquire knowledge about the input and output functions in C, in addition to the many sorts of operators.

Unit-3 Conditional Logic

The purpose of this chapter is to provide you with an introduction to the fundamentals of the conditional structure. Control statements, selection statements, and If statements, in addition to a few other constructs, will be covered in this lesson.

Unit-4 Data and Reputation

You will get familiar with the fundamental data structure and loop structure in the C programming language as you read the title of this chapter. You will get familiar with Array, as well as its declaration and initialization, as well as loop structures and syntax, by working through various instances that have already been solved.

Unit-5 Functions

As you continue to study this chapter, you will gain an understanding of Functions in the C programming language. In this lesson, you will study the many kinds of functions, the benefits of using functions, the structure of a function, and the definition of a function.

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